The Club looks forward to providing an opportunity for interested community members in Hedland and surrounds to come together regularly to share, develop and learn new photographic skills.

As a club, we are affiliated with the Western Australian Photography Federation (WAPF), which offers support, member only competitions and liability insurance to our club.

We will meet once a month to showcase our photographs from a list of monthly set subjects.

The club has and will continue to provide informative photography workshops and club outings.

If you're a photographer travelling our way please make contact if you're able to help with workshops or group photo walks.

Note: We have a new home for our meeting see Find Us for details

Membership form can be found here.

The most recent exhibition can be found here. (Note you will need to login to follow this link.)

Recent Award winning images!

Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted Roller

©  Stuart Bell

I Am Off Coming To

I Am Off Coming To

©  David Ansell

What You Looking At

What You Looking At 1080

©  Phil Stanaitis

Minimal 2

Minimal 2

©  Nikki Bourlet



©  Stuart Bell

Saddle Up

Saddle Up

©  Gordana Voigt

Fun Memories

Creative Fun Memorys

©  Phil Stanaitis

Hitting the Trails

Creative Hitting the Trails

©  Adrian Elsner

Helllooo Perth!!!

 Creative Helllooo Perth

© Stuart Bell


Creative Dancer 

© Rick Pengelly

Two Trains

Creative Two Trains

© Craig Rowles